Il Padel in Val di Fassa, Trentino Dolomiti


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Padel has arrived in Val di Fassa


News 2023!


The player who receives is positioned as happens in tennis, that is diagonally and to the opposite side of the one who beats. Before hitting the ball you have to wait for it to bounce once on the floor. The flying ball cannot touch either the metal part or the walls of the opponent's playground. The Padel unlike tennis, allows you to use the walls of the playground, you can only take advantage of the glass ones of your playground, or bounce the ball of the wall (placed on your side) until it crosses the net and arrives on the court of opponent, if the ball bounces twice on the floor there will be the immediate loss of the point.


In order to be awarded a point, you have various circumstances:

  • When the opponent bounces the ball twice on the floor;
  • When the opponent hits the walls of your playground without first bouncing it on the ground.
  • When the opponent hits the metal nets of his playground.
  • When the opponent hits the ball on the fly before the net is crossed;
  • When the ball hits the player or any object except the racket;
  • When the opponent hits the ball several times in the same response or serve;
  • QWhen the opponent bounces the ball on his playground;

You will be able to hit the ball in volèe style (i.e. on the fly), before it bounces on the floor, the only moment you will not be able to do so will be in response to the serve.

The main elements of the Padel playground are 4:

  • The glass walls
  • The metal walls
  • The dividing net
  • The game plan

Padel playground can be both outdoors and indoors. They are much smaller than the tennis ones, the net that divides the courts is called “half court”. Around the playing area you will find a U-shaped wall usually made of glass or concrete that includes both the bottom of the area that continues with the metal mesh and the sides of the pitch.